Thursday, June 26, 2014

This archive contains the flash tool LiveSuit v1.11 and Widows USB drivers needed when upgrading Allwinner A10 / A13 devices.

Now, before anything, makes sure your tablet / android device is charged up, 100% charge is nice.

Once extracted, and before attaching your tablet to your PC, run the file '
LiveSuitPack_1.11.exe' from within the Livesuit folder. This should install a new device on your system (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8). This device may show with an exclamation mark in Windows Device Manager, this doesn't matter and can be ignored. Now edit the firmware name (.img file) that you have downloaded so that there are no Chinese or Foreign characters within the filename.

Without attaching your tablet to your PC run 'LiveSuit.exe' from within the Livesuit folder. You should get an application like in the image above. You will be asked if you want to be guided through the process, select no.
Click on the leftmost icon (a cube), browse to your downloaded firmware image, and select it.

Turn the tablet completely off. The tablet should be off throughout the next process. Hold down the power button for ten or fifteen seconds if you're not sure, just make sure it is off. Charged up, but off. Connect the USB cable to your tablet and hold down the volume+ button, keep the button pressed.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer (keep that volume+ button pressed - I know, it hurts by now)

Using your third hand, straight after attaching the cable, and whilst still holding down the volume+ button, start pressing the tablet power button repeatedly (approx 1 press per second for 10 seconds is enough). This procedure puts the tablet into update mode.

After a few seconds a window will pop up on your PC asking if you want to perform a forced firmware update. You can stop the pain and release the volume+ at this point. Select yes. You will be asked if you're sure. Select yes.

The update will start and will take approx 3 minutes to complete. You will see a % complete progress bar during the process and will get a dialog saying OK when it's done. It is a non-linear progress bar, so even though it appears to be stuck at times, don't panic.

Turn your tablet on and you will have the new firmware, be happy/sad based on the fact that it is better/worse than your previous firmware


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