Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax Game


---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax Minimum System Requirement---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax 1.4 GHz---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax 512MB RAM---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax 64MB Video card---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax DirectX 9.0c---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax Windows XP/Vista---
---Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax HD 800MB--- 

Overall, prison tycoon 4, with the ability to sit and wait for several hours with the game. Teaching is an absence of a significant return, but if you take some time to play around on Make sure you switch off and objectives will be realized.Eager to enjoy great graphics and interesting game ends with the ability to make a game prison tycoon,Unless you know the time and patience to stick with it.

If you build it Some
Lock in your order, construction, equipment and service. I love you and respect of each prison guard sets.
Us versus them
Guards hired by the prison staff specialists. Your decisions and budgets of your team's morale and overall performance of the government.

Break ‘em Down
The security levels throughout your prison service. Too strong a grip can explode in prisoner riots - too weak and the gangs will run your stir.
Bad to the Bone! 
NEW restricted access quarters 23 hours a day with 1 hour for outside exercise to stop the worst of the worst.

Someone’s Gotta Pay! 
Prisoner factories to help keep the prisons finances healthy in order to build more income.

Be the Big Boss! 
Determine the fate of our prisoners - release your prisoners on parole or community safety (and for your pocketbook) for closed

Control or Be Controlled! 
Maintain peace among the prison gangs or more in some areas of the jail on their own can.


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