Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oil Rush - 670 mb Free Download

OS: XP Vista 7
CPU: 2.5 GHz+ dual-core
Memory: 2 Gb
Video memory: 512 Mb
Sound card: any OpenAL compatible
Disk space: 1 Gb
Oil Rush is a tower defense real-time strategy game developed by Unigine Corp using their Unigine engine technology.Set in a flooded, post-apocalyptic world, the game consists of players fighting over control of the world's last remaining oil reserves.The game was released as a digital download for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

This theme has been viewed as controversial by some, especially as Oil Rush was originally intended to be released only a little more than a year after the much publicized Deepwater Horizon oil spill.The game itself actually delivers an environmental warning message, with Unigine's CEO Denis Shergin commenting that "Fuel devouring armies that fight over the last drops of oil and pollute already trashed world is nothing but doublethink. That is a warning environmental message we'd like to deliver in a single-player campaign

In Oil Rush, the player is shown the viewpoint and story of Kevin, a recent graduate and serviceman, following in his father's footsteps who has recently passed away. He is almost immediately tasked by The Commander to suppress a rebel faction, The Raiders, who are trying to take control of the oil rigs in the army's possession. Now in control of a fleet of combat units, an in-game guidance PDA issues the player basic instructions to help learn how to complete the set of objectives they are assigned, such as deploying only 25 percent of the combat units, production of armed defense units on oil rigs in your control, and dividing forces into groups to attack opposing rigs simultaneously.

The game combines classic elements of strategy and tower defense as players must defend and attack oil rigs through the use of armed platforms against hordes of enemy watercraft and other attack units. The campaign's story puts the player in the shoes of Kevin, a graduate of the military academy and disciple of The Commander in a story-driven succession, while multiplayer allows players to go head-to-head against friends or online opponents in a strategic manner. Players are forced to maintain, upgrade, defend, and attack oil rigs put in various locations on each map.


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