Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For the Glory: A Europa Universalis - 230mb

Take up the reigns of your country, guide domestic and foreign policy, navigate thousands of historical events, engage in various struggles and lead your country to prosperity – all in the name of glory!

For the Glory offers full historical immersion, with a completely new in-depth experience with over 10000 historically accurate events.

Take charge of the mighty Habsburg Empire, the aggressive Swedish state, or the seafaring Portuguese. Build up your empire through trade, diplomacy, colonialism and war.

Interact with real historical events and persons to determine what path your nation will take. Nothing is written in stone, and while a wise leader may choose to follow the path of history, you may also take advantage of opportunities for change.
You can play as over 180 countries, on a map covering the entire world
Era spanning 1419-1819
Experience unparalleled historical immersion with over 10000 historical events
Unparalleled mod-ability: unlimited timeframe and up to 1000 counties
Improved and modernised interface
Adapt your playing style to the personality of your nation’s various historical monarchs
Windows® XP / Vista
Pentium II 266 MHz
256 MB Available System Memory
1 GB Available Hard Drive Space
DirectX® Compatible Video Card
DirectX® Compatible Sound Card
DirectX® 8.0 or Higher


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